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Want to cook steak without a grill? No problem!

Not everyone has a grill. Even if you have a grill, you may not have gas or charcoal on hand to cook your steaks. What do you do? Go out to eat? Broil the steak? Nope, use an indoor grill pan and have a perfect steak or burger at home for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant dinner. ...

Do you have a favorite AYCE (All you can eat) sushi restaurant?

I love sushi.  Yes, I really do love sushi.  Any time, any place.  I love great sushi and I have a confession: I'll eat almost any sushi that doesn't smell or look old. In general, I do not enjoy AYCE sushi restaurants.  I've found that most have one of five problems: too expensive, poor service (can't get the food to make it worthwhile), limited selection (only rolls), they don't have food for non-sushi eaters, or they are really poor quality (like at most buffets).

I finally found a GREAT AYCE sushi restaurant!


Ribs, fall off the bone or not?

Do you like your ribs to fall off the bone? Or do you like them firm and fully attached? Recently I attend a 5 hour BBQ class held by a local BBQ catering and restaurant  company, Big Ed Buzzards BBQ.  This was a great class and was very informative.  I had many takeaways from this class and you’ll see more from this class throughout the month of June as I reflect on the art of BBQ.  I took the class using a Groupon, went by myself and was not bored for a second.  Definitely a ...