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Cherri’s Dill Dip Recipe

This is my mom's recipe and it is addicting. My mom loved to entertain, and now so do I. This is a must have at all of our parties.

Grandma’s Polish Nut Roll Recipe (aka Easter Nut Roll)

A traditional Polish Easter Nut Roll handed down from my Grandma to my Mom to us kids. This is a sweet bread rolled with a buttery walnut filling.

Blue Crab Mousse Recipe

A creamy blue crab spread for crackers, this recipe I believe came from the back of a can of Campbell's soup in the 50's or 60's. My mom made this regularly for parties and gatherings and it is so good that there is always a crowd around it.

Cherri’s Baked Fried-Like Chicken Recipe

This chicken has 3 ingredients. that's it.  So simple, so easy, and is simply the best. My mom's Baked Fried-Like Chicken will become a regular dish on your family dinner table.

Cherri’s Shrimp Dip Recipe

My mother was a genius in and out of the kitchen. This is my mom's brilliantly modified recipes. Cherri's Shrimp Dip is super addicting.

Cherri’s Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

One of my mom, Cherri's, original recipes that she created when the family lived in France, back in the 1960's.

Cherri’s Potato Salad Recipe

One more of my mom, Cherri's, classic party recipes is finally here with Cherri's Potato Salad Recipe. There are many ways to make potato salad, and as much as I like most potato salads, this one feels like 'home' to me.

Cherri’s Chicken Soup Recipe

It's a classic chicken soup recipe that I grew up on and loved whenever my mom made it. My mom, Cheri, usually made it with homemade noodles she learned to make from her mother.

Cherri’s Tuna on Toast Recipe

My mom made this for us on Fridays during lent and it is still one of my favorites to this day. Quicker than tuna casserole and great for 2 people or 10 people. I'm not sure, where the recipe came from.  When I asked my dad, he said 'As far as I know it was a general knowledge recipe (a common word of mouth easy to do recipe) or she got it from her mother.  That being said, I think I do remember having it at home when I was young.'. You may think this is weird, but if you like tuna casserole, you should try it.  It's perfect for a quick hot lunch on a cold winter afternoon. ...

Cherri’s Fried Potatoes

This is one of my go to recipes when we are having are large family gatherings. The hardest part of this is the time it takes to peel and cut the potatoes. So simple, yet so perfectly delicious.