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Island Dreams Salad Recipe

Fresh fresh fresh! This Island Dreams Salad Recipe is very fresh and light. This salad is a little like coleslaw in the sense that it has cabbage.

Roasted Asparagus Recipe

A quick and simple asparagus recipe for every day cooking.

Sautéed Kale Recipe

This recipe, Sautéed Kale, is just a simple side dish to serve as you would Sautéed Spinach. My son liked it, although still not as much as he likes Sautéed Spinach. Still, it was a nice break to add a new vegetable to our dinner table.

Pan Seared Asparagus Recipe

Asparagus is in season and the time is now to bring out the pan and cook them up.

Chinese Mixed Greens Recipe

Fresh Chinese Greens make a delicious side dish that my whole family loves. Cabbage and bok choy together with cilantro makes a super simple and delicious vegetable side dish.

Garlic Mixed Vegetables Recipe

Chinese in influence, these Garlic Mixed Vegetables are versatile enough to go with almost any main dish.

Chinese Broccoli Recipe (Dim Sum)

If you've ever been to Chinese Dim Sum, you'll have seen this vegetable dish float by you. This Chinese Broccoli Recipe is so easy to make at home, you'll find yourself buying it to make at home whenever you see it. It's so easy, it's hard to consider it a "recipe". Chinese broccoli maybe sold as Kai-Lan or Gai-Lan. ...

Pesto Spinach Recipe

My family loves spinach, but it gets so boring sometimes. So, I try to change it up every so often. This is one of the ways I make it a little different to prevent the 'not again' blues.

Roasted Peppers Recipe

Roasting peppers is so easy that you really don't need to spend $4.00 for a small tiny jar of roasted peppers from the store. Use the roasted peppers on your sandwiches, in salads, dips, or just as a side dish to your BBQ. ...

Chinese Stir Fried Snow Peas Recipe

This is just one of those dishes that is too easy to make but really needs to be written down.  Most people try to over do it with vegetables, but this dish lets the snow peas stay the star.  No need for anything fancy, just fresh, bright and delicious.