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Fun times at KCBS Backyard BBQ competition yesterday.

I had such a great time yesterday at my first ever cooking competition in Santa Clara at the Kansas City BBQ Society Backyard BBQ Competition. And... I won 2nd place for my tri tip!!!

Happy Father’s Day to the Best Dad, my Dad!

Yep, you got it. My dad is the best. :P Just wanted to give him a shout out and to highlight the recipes he's provided here at Dish Ditty. Thank you Dad for everything you've done and for everything you continue to do.

Blogghetti’s Grilled Margarita Chicken

If you are like me, you peruse the internet for new recipes for your everyday life. I found a new-to-me blog, Blogghetti,  and instantly added it to my list of blogs to follow.  Lisa at Blogghetti's mission is "Simple Recipes for Every Day Life". The first recipe that caught my eye was her Grilled Margarita Chicken. The flavor profile looks perfect and what a beautiful presentation. ...

Microwave Corn on the Cob? YES!

MICROWAVE your Corn on the Cob! Yep, that's right! Microwave your corn on the cob.  It is super fast, super easy and simply the best corn you can get. Keep it husked, just don't do anything to it. Then pop it into the microwave and microwave for 4-8 minutes. 1 corn for 4 minutes 2 corn for 5.5 minutes 3 corn for 7 minutes 4 corn for 8 minutes A tip from a Facebook fan: Works great if you use a sharp knife and cut off the stem end, after cooking. Hold ear by silk end and the ear drops ...

Dish Ditty Recipes: A year of cooking in review

Well, it's been one year since my first post here on Dish Ditty Recipes. When I started this site, I had a goal of 200 recipes for the year.  I thought that was going to be tough to do as that's a little more than a recipe every other day. But, that number was hit several months ago, to my own surprise. So, how many recipes did I post? I posted over 240 recipes, 20 articles, 12 little ditties, and a dozen more other articles like videos and quotes. Wow. I can't believe I posted that ...