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Chetco’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

My brother Jim and his wife decided to experiment with the Original Toll House Cookie recipe and came up with this chewy chocolatey cookie. So yummy.

Homemade Oreo Cookie Crust Recipe

Sure, you can buy the crusts, and that's fine, but sometimes you need to make something a bit bigger, or a different shape, or you just want to make it yourself. The Oreo crust is no-bake and super easy, there really is no reason to buy it.

Decadent Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe (no raw eggs)

This is heaven, just chocolate heaven, and it does not have any raw eggs like the traditional Chocolate Mousse recipe as made popular by Julia Child. It doesn't take long to make this and it's really easy. Really, it is.

Bacon Pom Desire Bark Recipe

One bite of this bacon pomegranate chocolate candy and you will desire more and more. Created for the Scharffen Berger Chocolate contest, this far surpassed my expectation. Super easy to make, beautiful and delicious too.

Chocolate Cherry Cordial Bars Recipe

These Chocolate Cherry Cordial Bars were created specifically to enter in the Scharffen Berger Baking contest. We'll see if they become a winner as I eagerly await the results. Let me know your thoughts on if this is an award winning bar.

Fudge Cookies (No Bake) Recipe

These are another perfect cookie for your Christmas cookie exchanges. Chocolatey goodness and just plain happiness in every bite.

Cinnamon Cuts Recipe

These cookies are a must have for us at Christmas. Similar to biscotti and they make great Christmas gifts and are perfect for shipping.

Amazing Pumpkin Cheesecake

This is my favorite way to use leftover pumpkin pie filling. I usually make a double batch of filling so I can make a deep dish pumpkin pie, but that leaves me with extra filling. Not enough for a full pie of course. Turning it into a delicious cheesecake is so amazing, you will always make extra filling for this sinful dessert.

Black & White Kisses Recipe

This was one of the first cookies I made by myself without help from my mom. Great as a holiday cookie, but I make it year round. Crispy with a pillow of chocolate... more please?

Coconut Cream Pie Recipe

Rich, creamy, coconut. I love coconut cream pie! I will eventually post my grandma's recipe (when I can find it), but this is one that I put together after doing a little research trying to find my grandma's recipe.