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Cherri’s Chicken Soup Recipe

It's a classic chicken soup recipe that I grew up on and loved whenever my mom made it. My mom, Cheri, usually made it with homemade noodles she learned to make from her mother.

Quick Vegetable Meatball Soup Recipe

Born out of desperation, this soup was created with whatever I had in my refrigerator and pantry. In taste, it is very similar to a minestrone soup. I

Meaty Chilli/Chili Beans (v1)

What can be more american than a big pot of Chili Beans? I created this recipe for my husband who loves super meaty chili.

Chinese Meatball Soup Recipe

This is a wonderful homestyle Chinese soup that is perfect for an easy winter meal to warm you up when it's blistery cold outside. It's also great year round when you just want something light and fresh for your lunch or dinner.

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

A classic style chicken tortilla soup recipe that will let your taste buds dance. Takes only an hour and you'll have a delicious homemade soup.

Leftover Turkey Leek Soup Recipe

This recipe was created from the soup made after our Thanksgiving Leek Roasted Turkey. You can use any leftover turkey or chicken for this soup. Variations are endless.

Cherri’s Lazy Noodles Recipe

If you ever want homemade noodles without the fuss and mess, try these.

Classic Split Pea & Ham Soup

Another winter favorite, this is a perfect soup when you want a hearty, healthy, warm meal. Also great for using up your leftover ham bones.

Beef Barley Soup

When winter hits, it's all about the soups and this is one of the few soups I can feed my husband where he will consider it a meal. Hearty, beefy, yummy, this soup is easy to make and perfect for those winter evenings at home.

Chinese Wonton Soup Recipe

Making wonton soup at home is easier than you think. Great for just an afternoon snack, an appetizer for a party, or just use as your lunch.