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Cherri’s Stuffed Peppers Recipe

My mom, Cherri, made the best stuffed peppers.  All the recipes coming from her cookbook were created to feed our large family of 8 plus friends.  When it was stuffed peppers night, we would always have friends wanting to join us.

Cherri’s Lazy Noodles Recipe

If you ever want homemade noodles without the fuss and mess, try these.

Cherri’s Macaroni Salad Recipe

Savory, not sweet, is what makes this macaroni salad stand out. Most grocery store macaroni salads are so sweet you might as well have them for dessert.

Recipes from Cherri

I need to say thank you to my mom, Cherri. She is the inspiration for many of my recipes and the one who taught me how to cook fast and for a crowd. Well, she had no choice. With six kids to feed, the "Recipes from Cherri" was my mom's way of keeping her family fed on a budget. It's been over three years since she has moved on, but you will see her recipes that I grew up on and love still to this day. So, anytime you see "Cherri" in the title, that's one of my mom's recipes. Try them out for ...