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Dressed Perogies Recipe

This is not really a recipe so much as a simple and easy way to serve Polish perogies. It is perfect for when you want something a little more than a boiled perogie.

Cherri’s Polish Sauerkraut Recipe

Growing up, my mom would regularly make her Polish Sauerkraut Recipe for us and it became a tradition to have this on Christmas Eve along with Crab Casserole.

Pork & Sauerkraut Recipe

A classic Polish dinner, Pork & Sauerkraut go so well together. Throw in the polish sausage and it's perfect.

Polish Pigs Feet & Sauerkraut Recipe

I know many people will see this and just get grossed out by the concept of eating pigs feet, and yes, the picture isn't that much better. But, if you grew up eating pigs feet like I did, it becomes more of a 'yum' than 'gross'.