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Smoked Turkey Breast Recipe

No need to make a whole turkey. Just buy the breast and have a delicious meal without having to eat a huge turkey. Perfect for a dinner party for 6-10 people.

Cherri’s Thanksgiving Gizzard Stuffing Recipe

My mom's Gizzard Stuffing Recipe is the best. Simple, yet meaty, this is one of the things I look forward to on Thanksgiving... and for leftovers afterwards.

Leftover Turkey Leek Soup Recipe

This recipe was created from the soup made after our Thanksgiving Leek Roasted Turkey. You can use any leftover turkey or chicken for this soup. Variations are endless.

Leek Roasted Turkey Recipe

This is my second favorite way to cook my thanksgiving turkey (the first is to inject i and marinade it). It's a delicious way to make your turkey dinner and it makes the best gravy from the leeks and wine.

Smoked Turkey Recipe

I had always wanted to try to smoke a turkey, so this year I did. It was fantastic! I will definitely be doing this every year as it was so tender, juicy and delicious. The smoke flavor was not overpowering but just gave a perfect hint of smoke.

Turkey Injector Marinade Recipe

Never a dry turkey again, use this injector marinade for your turkey. Or hey, use it for your chicken too! Makes a tender tasty turkey or chicken.