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Judy’s Stovetop Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Guest Ditty Judy returns with her weeknight homemade Macaroni & Cheese recipe. I've had this many times at her house and is 10x better than any boxed version. I still love my mom's Mac & Cheese too, but this one stands up to it.

Skillet Frugalroni Recipe

For those nights when you want something as easy as Hamburger Helper, but don't want to use a box. ...

Pesto Oven Fried Chicken Recipe

Sometimes I just do with what I have in the refrigerator. I really wanted some fried chicken, but didn't want the work or the mess. To top it off, I didn't have eggs or milk. So, this recipe was born with the minimal ingredients in my refrigerator and cupboard. Try this Pesto Oven Fried Chicken Recipe for an easy and yummy dinner. ...

Meat & Potatoes Skillet Dinner Recipe

This is a great weeknight meal. Super easy, only a couple minutes of prep, cover and walk away. Come back to a delicious home cooked meal that your whole family will love.

Creamy Bacon Chicken Recipe

A tasty weeknight dinner. Works great over rice or egg noodles. Inspired by my mom's Special Baked Chicken recipe, but instead this recipe is done in 30 minutes from start to finish.

Easy Baked Parmesan Crusted Chicken Tenders Recipe

Chicken tenders make the best weeknight meals since they are quick to cook, stay juicy, and kids love them. Crispy and juicy, these chicken tenders will become your go to weeknight dinner. Enjoy!

Weeknight Broccoli Chicken Noodle Dinner Recipe

Try this Weeknight Broccoli Chicken Noodle Dinner Recipe. My kids LOVE it, and ask for it if I don't make it at least once a month.

Cherri’s Quick Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

My mom always served this sauce with thin spaghetti. She modified a recipe she got from her Italian friends and neighbors when growing up in Pennsylvania.

Onion Smothered Pork Chops

This is my favorite way to make pork chops. Super easy and great for a weeknight meal.

Make your weeknight easy

If you're like me, when you get home from work the last thing you want to do is prepare a complicated meal.  Quick, easy, fresh.  That's always the goal.  How do you make your weeknight easy? I find that buying a value pack of meat and preparing it earlier in the week makes it easier for me on those rushed nights.  For example, a value pack of chicken could be broken up into three meals:  diced chicken for Fettuccini Alfredo,  sliced chicken for chicken with snow peas, and marinated chicken for BBQ chicken. ...