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What to know what I keep on hand at all times?  Here’s what I always have on hand, no matter what:


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This is what I keep in the refrigerator that I always use and need:

* I cannot seem to find the Lo Mein Sauce that I use at any online retailer. You can substitute with an Oyster sauce, but I find the Lo mein sauce to be more flavorful. I’d suggest a little bit of the chicken bouillon base and a dash of sugar added to the regular oyster sauce to match the flavor of the Lo Mein sauce.

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Some gadgets just stay in the cabinet or drawers without being touched. But, there are some gadgets and tools I use all the time. These are the gadgets that I am glad I have:

* I tried the 6 quart Pro mixer and hated it. It was loud, clunky and just was not as good as the 5-quart one. So I sold it and went back to the smaller size.

[su_tab title=”Spice Heaven”]

These are the spices I can’t live without:

That’s not all I have in my spice cabinets (yes, cabinets). But, those are the ones that I would die without.



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