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JW’s Smokehouse Burger Recipe

JW's Smokehouse Burger Recipe is as good or better than most restaurant style burgers. The smoked flavor adds that extra something that will just make you go "YUM".

Marinated Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

Perfect for a BBQ. Marinade the chicken the night before and then grill it the day of the party. So simple, quick and so good your friends will be begging for the recipe.

Classic Ribeye Recipe

Enjoy this perfect ribeye for Father's Day and throughout the year. This classic ribeye is prepared the way you would find in any fine steakhouse. Get that great steakhouse flavor at home.

Want to cook steak without a grill? No problem!

Not everyone has a grill. Even if you have a grill, you may not have gas or charcoal on hand to cook your steaks. What do you do? Go out to eat? Broil the steak? Nope, use an indoor grill pan and have a perfect steak or burger at home for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant dinner. ...