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Want to cook steak without a grill? No problem!

Not everyone has a grill. Even if you have a grill, you may not have gas or charcoal on hand to cook your steaks. What do you do? Go out to eat? Broil the steak? Nope, use an indoor grill pan and have a perfect steak or burger at home for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant dinner.

The indoor Grill Pan is small, easy to use, easy to clean, and makes a great steak or burger. I’ll be posting recipes throughout the month that are perfect for an indoor grill pan.

I have the Caphalon Nonstick round grill pan, found on Amazon. Just be sure to pick a pan that is heavy. Cast iron is ideal, but it also will be more difficult to clean and keep seasoned.

Today’s recipe: Classic Ribeye Recipe, perfect for Fathers day

All the recipes posted will say whether they are grill pan ready and will let you know how to adjust the recipe for a grill pan.