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Homemade Oreo Cookie Crust Recipe

Oreo Cookie Crust

Sure, you can buy the crusts, and that’s fine, but sometimes you need to make something a bit bigger, or a different shape, or you just want to make it yourself. The Oreo crust is no-bake and super easy, there really is no reason to buy it.

Recipe Source: Kraft Foods Website

Homemade Oreo Cookie Crust Recipe


  • 24 whole Oreo cookies
  • 1/4 cup melted unsalted butter

Try using Oreo pieces instead of using perfect yummy Oreos.  You can use as little or as much as you want.


In a medium-sized bowl or a food processor, add the Oreo cookies and blend until the texture of coarse meal or crumbs. You can also put the cookie or cookie pieces into a large zip lock bag and use a rolling pin to crush. Add the melted butter too the crushed cookies and blend until well combine.

Place the ground crumb mixture into a pie pan and press onto the bottom and up the sides evenly. Try to make the crust about 1/8 inch evenly on bottom and sides. I use the back of a measuring cup to press the the Oreo mixture onto the pan.

Refrigerate the crust for at least an hour before you add the filling of your choice. This will help prevent crumbling when you want to serve it.

Makes 1 pie crust.

Want to make a bigger batch like for a 9×13 pan? Just double this recipe. Easy.