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Too Many Avocados? Not possible!

Mashed Avocado

You say you have too many avocados from your tree?  Not possible!  Avocados are the easiest fruit to preserve.  Just freeze them!  Not whole, no.  All you need to do is to mash them with a little lemon juice and put them in portion sized zip lock containers.  Freeze them and pull out throughout the winter when your avocado tree is no longer producing.

Freezing avocados doesn’t change the texture or taste making it easy for you to ‘whip up’ some guacamole year round. I don’t have a tree, but sometimes I buy more avocados than I can use, and this makes it so I don’t have to throw away money and deliciousness.  Another use for this is when avocados go on sale, buy a dozen, mash and freeze!  Saving money never tasted so good!

The picture above is from frozen and then thawed avocados.  You would never know the difference.