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The Science of The Chocolate Chip Cookie by Baker Bettie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This is one of the best posts about Chocolate Chip Cookies I’ve ever found.  I couldn’t have said it better.  Visit Baker Bettie as she explores The Science of The Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Here are highlights and tips from Baker Bettie, as well as some of my insights:

Want a chewier cookie? Change the all-purpose flour with Bread flour.

Want a taller cookie with a lot of texture? Cut back the flour by 1/3 and substitute oatmeal flour.

Want a taller cakey cookie? Add baking soda/powder (about 1tsp)

For a nice chew to the cookie?  Melt the butter first

For a more complex caramel flavor?  Brown the butter

For a taller, cakey cookie? Use shortening instead of butter

For a crisp and crunchy cookie?  Have more white sugar than brown sugar

More ways to make a soft and chewy cookie? Have more brown sugar than white.  Even Chewier? Use dark brown sugar instead of light or regular brown sugar.

Want more buttery flavor? Reduce or eliminate the vanilla

Want a flat cookie? Reduce the eggs

Want a crunchier cookie? Add an egg white

Want a more moist and chewy cookie? Reduce one egg white or substitute one egg for milk.

DO NOT ELIMINATE THE SALT! A saltless cookie is bland and unappealing.

If using unsalted butter? Be sure to add an additional 1 tsp of salt since most recipes, unless stated, are expecting the salt in the butter.  Salted butter is called “Sweet Cream”.

Get Creative! I like to add nutmeg, cinnamon, oatmeal, coconut, and lots of other combinations of ingredients to my cookies to make my own signature cookie.

There you have it! Baking is definitely a science, trying to create the balance to get the desired texture and flavor you desire. The one thing I’ve found is that the only bad cookie, is a burnt cookie.  Ok, even then unless it’s completely blackened, I’ll still eat it!  So go explore and find out your perfect cookie!

Don’t forget to explore a more detailed look at Baker Betties The Science of The Chocolate Chip Cookie.