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Cold Tofu Snack Recipe

Tofu Snack

Ever need that high protein low carb snack but want something that’s filling and tasty too?  This is the perfect dish for you. This Cold Tofu Snack is a common small plate Chinese dish that is generally served at home, but may be found at a small plate or Dim Sum restaurants.  Serve it with or without rice or noodles.  It is a perfect lunch for yourself or your child.  I pack rice and this snack for my son’s lunch and he loves it every time.

Cold Tofu Snack Recipe


  • Baked or Marinated Tofu
  • Soy Sauce (light)
  • Tonkatsu Sauce
  • Sesame Oil


Slice the tofu into strips and place on a plate.  See the picture below for a sample of what the tofu should look like.  You can also dice the tofu, but I prefer the tofu sliced.

Pour sauces over the tofu lightly: Soy Sauce, Tonkatsu Sauce, then Sesame Oil. You can add more or less of each depending on your tastes. Serve or refrigerate for serving later.