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Gourmet Food Truck MANIA!

Baba Kabab Truck

There is definitely a craze around Gourmet Food Trucks. You see them on Shark Tank. You see them at Festivals. You see them at parties instead of caterers. You even see them at Farmer’s Markets.

What is causing this Gourmet Food Truck MANIA? I think there are several things that have contributed to the huge influx of these Gourmet Food Trucks, but one of the most important factors is the ability for small businesses to accept credit cards anywhere by using Square Up, PayPal Here, Intuit Go Payment, and a host of other credit card processors that use either a cell phone or a tablet. It is invaluable to a business to be able to accept payment for their goods. And now that payment can be mobile.

What’s your favorite Food Truck? I haven’t had many, but two of the latest ones I did were really good. Check them out:

Road Dogs Weenie Wagon: I got the Space Needle dog, a hot dog with kraut, cream cheese and grilled onions.  Sounds odd but was delicious.

The Baba Kabab Truck: I went to an anniversary party and this was what was served. It was very delicious and I would highly recommend it.  I don’t remember what was served (chicken, rice, etc), but whatever it was, YUM!

Share your favorite food truck with us and help promote local businesses!