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Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Recipes from my family Thanksgiving dinner

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

I was looking through my old notes and found a list I made for Thanksgiving 2014. I had the menus for both my family and my husband’s family, including what I was planning on preparing and when.

I thought this was a good way to give a glimpse into preparing large family gatherings.

  1. Ok, so the first thing to do? Make your menu… And then assign out the dishes based on who has the money and time to cook. Remember, not everyone has the money to buy the ingredients for some dishes. Think about the time it takes. If you find that more of you are low of money and time, simplify your menu and adjust it based on those restrictions.Here’s the menu we had for my family:
    Ginger Shrimp – Bruce
    Crab Mousse – Vivian
    Crackers – VivianSalads:
    Green Salad – Amber
    Broccoli Salad – Vivian
    Turkey 2-Judy, 1-VivianDinner:
    Stuffing – 2 trays: Judy
    Gravy – Judy
    Mashed Potatoes – Vivian
    Cranberry Sauce – Judy
    Green Beans – Vivian
    Vegetable 2 – Corina
    Roasted Sweet Potatoes – Vivian
    Rolls – JudyDessert:
    Lemon Meringue Pie: Vivian
    Pumpkin Pie – Vivian
    Apple Pie – Vivian
    Pie 4 – Do we need another pie?
    Whipped Cream – Vivian

    Sparkling Cider: David
    Root Beer: David
    Diet Coke: Fr. Paul
    Wine: Ben, Bruce, Judy

  2. Next, figure out what you need to do, make a list and figure out what day/time you plan on making each dish. Here was my list and when I planned on preparing or cooking those items.
        Crab Mousse (Tues)
        Broccoli Salad (Wed)
        Mashed Potatoes (Wed)
        Green Beans (Prep Wed, Cook Thurs)
        Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Prep Wed, Cook Thurs)
        Lemon Meringue Pie (Wed)
        Apple Pie (Wed)
        Pumpkin Pie (Wed)
                Smoked Turkey (Thurs)
  3. Then, it’s make your shopping list. You may need two lists. One that can be done on Sunday for ingredients that will last through the week. And, depending on the items on your list of things to make, you may find you need a secondary list to go on Wednesday for fresher items.
  4. Ok, I don’t need to tell you the rest. Shop, cook, cook, clean, cook, clean, and have fun with your family.

So, you want the recipes from this dinner? Here you go. Enjoy!
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