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Cream of Roasted Pepper Soup Recipe

This is more of a Cream of Roasted Vegetable Soup than just Roasted Peppers. But, the roasted peppers are the shining star.

Chicken & Roasted Pepper Wraps Recipe

The ceasar dressing with the chicken, spinach and roasted peppers is a simple yet fun dish. It works great in a potluck setting or tailgater party.

Creamy Roasted Pepper Dip Recipe

Need a change from Onion Dip? Try this Creamy Roasted Pepper Dip. It's a delicious dip to go with chips or vegetables and is quick to settle, you can make it even for those surprise guests.

Roasted Peppers Recipe

Roasting peppers is so easy that you really don't need to spend $4.00 for a small tiny jar of roasted peppers from the store. Use the roasted peppers on your sandwiches, in salads, dips, or just as a side dish to your BBQ. ...