Crab Man B’s quest finds the Red Crab from Virginia

Crab Man B.

Crab Man B.

In my never-ending quest to try every edible type of crab (cooked fresh), I ran across one I hadn’t seen before in the local Asian market – Red Crab from Virginia. Of course, I cooked it Maryland/Blue Crab style, which may or may not be the best for this type of crab… But, it seemed to work fine!

Overall, it’s a very tasty crab. The legs have the consistency and look of snow crab legs, but they taste like dungeness¬†crab. The claws are bigger than snow crab but again taste similar to dungeness. The body meat was very interesting, it was very flaky almost like eating claw meat instead of body; the taste was very good but hard to compare, maybe halfway between dungeness¬†and blue crab claw meat.

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