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Judy’s Rice Pilaf Recipe

My sis Judy makes the best rice pilaf in the family. This recipe is one of her signature dishes for a reason, it is delicious and healthy.

Bean & Ham Soup

Here are two versions of Bean & Ham Soup. The first recipe (pictured) is one my Dad recently made based off of my Mom's original recipe. The second is my Mom's original recipe. ...

Sarah’s Irish Soda Bread Recipe

A little late for this St. Patrick's Day, but hey, I could eat this Irish Soda Bread any day of the year.

Joe’s Balls – Hot & Spicy Meatballs Recipe

The worlds easiest and best Hot & Spicy Meatballs Recipe you will ever have. Ever have. Seriously. The best meatballs.

Home Canned Peaches with Judy and Brian

If you or someone you know has an abundant fruit tree, the task of eating all the fruit before it goes bad can be daunting. Preserving the fruit (canning) is a good way to enjoy the fruit long after the tree has been picked clean. ...

Crab Man B’s quest finds the Red Crab from Virginia

In my never-ending quest to try every edible type of crab (cooked fresh), I ran across one I hadn't seen before in the local Asian market - Red Crab from Virginia. Of course, I cooked it Maryland/Blue Crab style, which may or may not be the best for this type of crab... But, it seemed to work fine! Overall, it's a very tasty crab. The legs have the consistency and look of snow crab legs, but they taste like dungeness crab. The claws are bigger than snow crab but again taste similar to ...