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CPBB Cookie Recipe (Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana – Gluten Free & Vegan) Recipe

All I can say is YUM! There is no flour, no butter, no eggs, no milk, just healthy deliciousness.

Viv’s Chocolate Chip Delight Cookies Recipe

Say that 10 times fast!  Viv's Chocolate Chip Delight Cookie Recipe is my take on the old standard Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.  

Bill’s Walnut Fudge Cookies Recipe

Chewy, chocolatey goodness can be found in Bill's Walnut Fudge Cookies. More Please!

Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes Recipe

No need for syrup with the sinful Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Sinful, delicious, chocolate. Serve as is, or top with Whipped Cream. A treat that can be made any day of the week as it is super easy and quick to make.

Black & White Kisses Recipe

This was one of the first cookies I made by myself without help from my mom. Great as a holiday cookie, but I make it year round. Crispy with a pillow of chocolate... more please?