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Silicon Valley BBQ (KCBS) Competition Recap… no winners circle for me

I had such a fun time at my 2nd competition at the Silicon Valley BBQ Competition. I hope I didn't bombard you too much with all the Instagram and Facebook photos, but I thought it would be fun to document the day. ...

Time to get my BBQ on!

This weekend is the Silicon Valley KCBS BBQ Competition and I am trying to get ready to participate in the Backyard Competition. ...

My first BBQ Competition recap, KCBS fun!

Last year when we heard about the BBQ Competition in our hometown Santa Clara, we thought "Hey! Let's enter next year."  I really didn't think we would enter, but as it came up, my husband and son were so excited that I took the plunge and entered the contest. Once I did that, my husband went a little crazy when we made the decision and bought this... Once he bought that, I was stuck! I had to go through with it. So, go through with it we did. I tried out a couple new made up recipes ...

Best BBQ Chicken

This is the chicken I made for the Silicon Valley BBQ Championship's Backyard competition. It was delicious. Super delicious. I used Teriyaki Chicken but you can use any sauce that you like.

Award Winning Grilled Tri-Tip Recipe

I am probably the only person in a BBQ contest who will actually post her recipe. I won 2nd place for this tri-tip at the 2014 Silicon Valley KCBS Backyard BBQ Competition. The tri-tip was very tender, juicy, and full of flavor.