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Time to get my BBQ on!

Cooking at SVBBQ Last year

This weekend is the Silicon Valley KCBS BBQ Competition and I am trying to get ready to participate in the Backyard Competition.

Last year was my first ever food/cooking competition and I loved it. Not so much that I want to travel the US doing competitions, but I enjoyed it enough that I am entering again this year.

So, my days are working at my day job, then coming home and making lists, testing my recipes, prepping my BBQ sauce, buying supplies, organizing supplies… It’s a bit overwhelming. Overall though, I think I’m more prepared this year than last year. Mostly, I know what to expect.

My only concern is timing, I’ll be cooking the Chicken and Tri-Tip at the same time this year, utilizing both the Traeger and the grill. I’m concerned that I’m going to miss one of my turn-in windows as they are only 30 minutes apart. Or that I’ll start the chicken too early and it’ll get dried up, or start the chicken to late and it’ll be raw! Yikes!

Anyways, if you don’t hear from us over the next couple of days, you’ll know what we are doing. We are getting our BBQ Competition on! Wish us luck and I’ll write a post after it is all said and done.

Want to learn how we did last year? Check out last year’s article.

Wish us luck!!!

p.s. For those friends of ours, please feel free to join us at the competition. I just ask that you leave us to our cooking from Noon – 2:30p. Once the Chicken is turned in at 2:30p, we can relax, eat, drink and be merry.