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Cherry Brandy Sauce Recipe

This is an easy and delicious sauce recipe. Don't worry about the brandy, the alcohol is burned off. It's just to give a little more 'umph' and flavor to the sauce. Use this over ice cream. Or, cool and use as a cake filling, topping for cheesecake, mixed with yogurt or use as a jam.

Fruit Juice Gummies Recipe

A wonderful treat that tastes like a cross between a gummy bear and a jello shot. Delicious with no refined sugar.

Mixed Berry Chia Jam Recipe

My chia seed obsession continues as I experiment with making jam with no refined sugar and chia seeds. This Mixed Berry Chia Seed Jam has only 4 ingredients.

Dr. Bobbies Cure All Sangria Recipe

Dr. Bobbie is well known across the globe for her Cure All Sangria Recipe. A light tasting yet strong spirited fruity wine Sangria Recipe.

Dolphin Fruit Display: Fun with Fruit!

This is a simple and easy fruit decoration that you can make with your kid. Depending on your child's age, they can help you with the eyes, or they can even do the whole thing (like my 11 yr old). What you'll need: Grapes Bananas Whole Cloves Plastic Wrap Quick Instructions: Start by cutting off the bottoms of the bananas so they can stand straight. Wrap bottoms with plastic wrap. Slice the tops of the bananas through to form the mouths Place the cloves onto the bananas ...