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Chinese Pork with Green Beans Recipe

Nothing is easier on a weeknight than Chinese Stir fry, and with this Chinese Pork with Green Beans Recipe, you'll also have a delicious and healthy weeknight dinner.

Chicken Chow Mein Recipe

This is a classic Chinese dish that is a commonly served dish at Chinese Restaurants around the world. Chow Mein directly translated means Fried Noodles. This is an easy Chinese dish you can make at home that can be used as a one pot meal.

Five Spice Pork with Tofu Recipe

This is a family style Chinese dish that is rarely seen in Chinese Restaurants. It's a combination of tofu, pork, green onions, peppers and five spice seasoning. High in protein and anti-oxidants, this dish is a healthy dinner choice.

Westlake Beef Soup Recipe

This is a mild yet flavorful soup that is popular in Chinese restaurants. Definitely one of my favorites. The cilantro and the silky eggs give it a beautiful presentation and you'll find that your guests will be impressed when you serve this.

Chinese Beef with Bean Thread Noodles Recipe

Going back to one of my go-to recipes, this Chinese Beef with Bean Thread Noodles Recipe is a great quick weeknight meal. Add more veggies, less meat, or whatever you like. It's a great base recipe that can be adapted easily for a home-style Chinese dish.

Family Style Bean Curd with Pork Recipe

Family Style Bean Curd with Pork is one of my go to weeknight recipes. Quick to prepare, and doesn't need much interaction. This recipe was created after having a similar dish at one of our favorite Chinese Restaurants, 4-5-6 in San Jose. A more homestyle approach, as opposed to typical stir fry dishes you find in most Chinese Restaurants. ...