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Lazy Noodles Recipe

Lazy Noodles Recipe

Take a trip down memory lane with our Lazy Noodles recipe, a treasured family heirloom passed down from my Polish grandmother. This simple yet delicious dish brings the comforting flavors of caramelized onions and perfectly cooked noodles together, creating a nostalgic and satisfying meal that will transport you back to cherished moments spent in the kitchen with loved ones.

Lazy Noodles

Serves 4
Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 10 minutes
Total time 15 minutes
By author Dish Ditty


  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 1/2 egg shells Water
  • 2 dashes Salt
  • 1/2-3/4 cup Flour


Step 1
Beat eggs
In medium bowl, beat eggs with water and salt.
Step 2
Add flour
Add 1/2 cup of flour and mix. You can add more flour if you want it to be thicker. I like mine a little thinner so it will be lighter noodles.
Step 3
Scrape noodles into soup
Using a fork, scrape the noodle batter into your prepared soup. You can make them thin or thick, up to you. I usually wind up with a mixture of sizes. Usually thicker as I get impatient. Cook for 1 more minute to make sure the noodles are completely cooked. Serve

A Taste of Nostalgia: Lazy Noodles Recipe

Indulge in a comforting and nostalgic culinary experience with our Lazy Noodles recipe. Passed down from my Polish grandmother, this recipe is a true family treasure that brings back cherished memories. Perfect for any day when you crave a taste of the past, these easy and delicious lazy noodles are sure to satisfy your cravings and warm your heart.

The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity. Just a handful of ingredients, a little bit of time, and a whole lot of love are all you need to recreate the flavors of yesteryear. Start by boiling your favorite noodles until al dente, and while they cook, sauté onions until golden and fragrant. Combine the cooked noodles with the caramelized onions, and voila! You have a delightful bowl of lazy noodles that takes you back to simpler times.

This recipe holds a special place in my heart, as it was a staple in my Polish grandmother’s kitchen. She passed down the tradition of lazy noodles to our family, and now I’m excited to share it with you. The nostalgic aroma that fills the kitchen as the onions sizzle and the noodles simmer instantly transports me back to the cherished moments spent in my grandmother’s cozy kitchen.

Whether you’re preparing a quick weeknight dinner or hosting a Throwback Thursday gathering, these lazy noodles are a delightful choice. They can be enjoyed as a simple standalone dish or paired with your favorite protein or vegetables for a complete meal. The versatility and timeless appeal of this recipe make it a go-to option when you want to savor the flavors of the past and create new memories with loved ones.

Experience the joy of nostalgia with our Lazy Noodles recipe, passed down from my Polish grandmother. Let the flavors and simplicity of this dish take you on a culinary journey back in time, reminding you of cherished family traditions and the power of food to connect generations. Prepare a warm bowl of these lazy noodles and embrace the comforting taste of the past.

My Grandmother (and my Mom) made amazing homemade egg noodles (see recipe for Grandma’s Homemade Egg Noodles). My sisters and I have all made them as well, but they are time consuming and messy. Sometimes it feels good to have homemade noodles without all the fuss… and that’s where these noodles come in.

My mom, Cherri, made these Lazy Noodles whenever we had leftover soup or when she was just cooking a small batch of soup for her and my Dad. When I met my husband, one of the Chinese soup recipes his mother made was almost the exact same noodles except they added green onions to them (I highly recommend).

This recipe is the first that comes to mind as it has probably been around for as long as egg noodles have graced our tables. You will likely find this in recipe in cultures around the world, made by moms and grandmas trying to put a healthy and hearty meal on the table.


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