Seasoned Asparagus Recipe

Sometimes simple is the best and this seasoned asparagus recipe is simply the best. I don’t like to do a whole lot to my vegetables and instead of covering them up, I like to let the flavors of the vegetables do the talking.

So, here’s a simple and easy way to prepare your asparagus. Sorry that there isn’t any amounts, but it’s just done by eye sight based on the amount and size of the asparagus.

Seasoned Asparagus


  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic Salt
  • Seasoned Pepper
  • Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar


Step 1
Marinade the asparagus in olive oil, garlic salt, and seasoned pepper for about 1 hour.
Step 2
On high heat in a wok or pan, add a little olive oil and the marinated asparagus. Sprinkle with Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar. Cook for about 5 minutes on high, or until the asparagus is done to your liking. I prefer to keep them slightly crisp.


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