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Very Berry Cream Smoothie Recipe

Simple smoothie that tastes more like a milk shake than a smoothie.

Butter Beer Recipe

Butter Beer from Universal Studios Harry Potter World is something that is un-describable. I have been trying to replicate it and so far this is pretty close.

Chocolate Banana Shake (No Sugar Added) Recipe

Need a treat that will not hurt your waistline? This Chocolate Banana Shake Recipe is so easy, has no added sugar (the only sugar is from the banana), and it is still creamy, rich, chocolatey and sweet. Perfect for that guilt-free dessert when you are craving chocolate.

Marsha’s Vietnamese Grass Jello Drink Recipe

This is a password protected recipe, so ask me for the password if you are friends of ours. Sorry to those of you who want the recipe, but Marsha doesn't want to share with the world. ...

Infuse your water with Pineapple!

The hype on detox waters, infused waters, etc. is almost overwhelming. Most of the water recipes are a little weird for me. Some fruits just don't work well with water. But, Pineapple is hands down my favorite flavor infusion for water.

Virgin Peachacolada Recipe

My son Justin loves making up new drinks to serve our guests. One day, he wanted to a make a mix between his two favorite drinks, Piña Colada and Orange Peach Mango Juice.