Lemon Curd Recipe

This is the Lemon Curd filling recipe from Draegers Market’s Lemon Buttermilk Cake. I worked there back in the 90’s and picked up a couple really good recipes. This is definitely one of them.

This was used as the filling for the Lemon Buttermilk cake, but I’ve found that it is great as a filling for pie, plain white cake, as pudding all by itself, or as shown: in a shortbread tartlet.

Back in the early 90’s I had a short stint where I wanted to follow my passion and I got a job in the Bakery at Draegers Market, a high end market in Menlo Park, CA. After about 4 months, I realized that I love baking and cake decorating, but not as a job. Once it was a job, the passion was gone.

But, I didn’t leave there empty handed. I came away with many great recipes, including this one. I don’t bake a lot anymore, but you should see some more Draegers recipes over time.

So, if you are looking for a delicious, tart, sweet, creamy, did I say delicious? cake filling, this is it.

Lemon Curd

Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 15 minutes
Total time 20 minutes
By author Dish Ditty Recipes


  • 8oz Butter
  • 1 1/4 cup Sugar
  • 1 cup Lemon Juice
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon Zest from Lemon Rind
  • 4 Eggs


Step 1
Cream butter, sugar and eggs. Add lemon juice and rind.

Over double boiler, heat mixture until it comes to 165°, stirring frequently. Let cool.

Use as filling for cakes, pies and more.
Lemon Curd by Dish Ditty Recipes

Lemon Curd

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