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Slow Baked BBQ Pork Recipe

Slow Baked BBQ Pork by Dish Ditty

As the weather starts to cool off, these slow baked oven recipes are a perfect way to put a delicious hot meal on the table and warm up your home at the same time. This Slow Baked BBQ Pork Recipe is one of my favorites.

Main Dishes: Pork
Slow Baked BBQ Pork

Slow Baked BBQ Pork

Step 1

In a large casserole, layer the pork, onions, peppers and BBQ sauce. Bake covered at 225 degrees for several hours, until the pork is tender. You can cook at a higher temperature, but that might dry out the pork.

This recipe was created by me and my sis way back in the day when we had first moved out of the house and were renting an apartment together.  We didn’t have a lot of money, so we would go to the store and get whatever was cheapest and on sale.

One day, we came home one day with some Country Pork Ribs and we weren’t quite sure what to do with them. We remembered a recipe my mom used to make with pork chops that was the pork, onions, bell peppers and stewed tomatoes.  I think we were missing the stewed tomatoes and decided to try the BBQ sauce.

This became one of our staple dinners as it was quick, easy, cheap and super delicious.  Enjoy

Slow Baked BBQ Pork by Dish Ditty
Slow Baked BBQ Pork

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