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Eliza Makes Lasagna Recipe

Eliza and Joey return with a twist on Eliza's Grandma's Pasta Pot Recipe, a much simpler approach. Super easy and quick, this recipe is perfect for a crowd. ...

Spaghetti Squash Chicken Parmesan Recipe As Seen On TASTY!

We've all seen the videos, and this one from Tasty was a winner. I adapted it slightly to be a little lighter. Either way it was a huge hit! No one missed the bad for you pasta!

Vivian’s Onion Meatloaf Recipe

Meatloaf is an American standard, and I think everyone has their own version. In my family alone, we probably have 5 different ways that we make meatloaf. I think my recipe is the best.

Cherri’s Ground Beef Casserole

It's like eating a steak and potato dinner in a delicious casserole. My mom made this for our large family and it was always a treat. Not to mention, it is an inexpensive dinner that can feed a crowd.

Weeknight Broccoli Chicken Noodle Dinner Recipe

Try this Weeknight Broccoli Chicken Noodle Dinner Recipe. My kids LOVE it, and ask for it if I don't make it at least once a month.

Cherri’s Pasta Pot Recipe

My mom's famous Pasta Pot (like a lasagna) is finally available. Have fun making this for your next party or pot luck.

Cherri’s Pasta Pot Sauce Recipe

This sauce was created by my mom for use in her famous Pasta Pot recipe. The Pasta Pot recipe is listed separately. This sauce can be used for more than just the Pasta Pot as it is a great base sauce. Delicious all on it's own.

Cherri’s Baked Macaroni & Cheese

The baked mac & cheese my mom made is the best. Designed for a large crowd, our just our family, this mac & cheese is sure to please. Great for a pot luck.

Ground Beef Pie Recipe (poor man’s Shepherds Pie)

A delicious casserole made with ground beef and green beans topped with mashed potatoes and cheese. YUM!

Cherri’s Crab Casserole Recipe

This is another family favorite that we serve every Christmas eve as well as year round.