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Black Bean Breakfast Skillet Recipe

Low carb breakfasts can get pretty boring really fast. This is one way I keep my breakfasts interesting with my Black Bean Breakfast Skillet.

Black Bean Breakfast Skillet

Black Bean Breakfast Skillet

Step 1

In a medium skillet, melt 2 tablespoons of butter (or spray liberally with Pam cooking spray). Add the vegetables and ham and cook for several minutes to get the vegetables softened.

Step 2

Push the hash over to the side and add the remaining butter. Let it melt and then crack two eggs into the butter. Add a couple dashes of salt & pepper to the eggs.

Step 3

Add the salsa and black beans to the hash. Stir and cook the hash and eggs, stirring the hash occasionally, until the eggs are cooked to your liking.

Step 4

Optionally, you can add some cheese to the hash and/or eggs and give it 30 seconds or so to melt before serving.

Yes, beans have carbs so it’s not 100% low carb. I do allow myself ‘good carbs’, thinks like beans, fruit and occasionally oats (without sugar of course). For me, this is a great hearty breakfast full of vitamins, protein and fiber to fill me up.


Black Bean Breakfast Skillet by Dish Ditty Recipes
Black Bean Breakfast Skillet

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