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Anne’s South-East Street Grilled Corn Recipe

Anne’s South-East Street Grilled Corn Recipe

This corn is like nothing you’ve ever had. Grilled to perfection with olive oil, an asian twist, and green onions. I LOVE this Corn!

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Guest Author Anne
Guest Author Anne

This is the second from a series of recipes I collected at a reunion party we had with our friends. Every year our old swim team group gets together and has a BBQ. Not only do we have great friends, but they always bring and make the best food and also stays back to help clean up.  I think my house was cleaner than it was before they arrived!

They made this corn either last year or the year before. I never got the recipe because I was too busy, but my husband loved it so much he raved about it for weeks. This year when Anne brought the corn I was so excited to be able to capture it so I can share it here with you all.

Thank you Anne!

Anne's South-East Street Grilled Corn by Dish Ditty Recipes
Anne’s South-East Street Grilled Corn


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