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Anne’s South-East Street Grilled Corn Recipe

Anne's South-East Street Grilled Corn by Dish Ditty Recipes

This corn is like nothing you’ve ever had. Grilled to perfection with olive oil, an asian twist, and green onions. I LOVE this Corn!

Sides: Vegetables
Anne’s South-East Street Grilled Corn

Anne’s South-East Street Grilled Corn

Prepare Onion Oil
Step 1

* Use a wooden spoon when preparing the onion oil *

In a small pot, heat the oil on high heat until oil is hot, just before it starts to smoke. The easiest way to test this is when you put in a wooden spoon, the oil will start to bubble.

Remove from heat and add the green onions and stir until the onions begin to wilt (30 seconds or so). Add the salt and stir. Next add the sugar, fish sauce and sesame oil. Mix well and set aside until corn is cooked.

Grill the corn
Step 2

Next step is to grill the corn. How you do this is your preference. Some people like to cook it first with the husk on, then remove the husk and grill for a few minutes to give the corn color. Some husk the corn and just grill it.

My preferred method is to put the husked corn in a pan on the smoker and let it cook while I am cooking whatever meat is being prepared. Then, when I'm ready, I place the corn on a hot grill to give it just a little bit of color and to bring it up to a 'hot' temperature.

Roll it
Step 3

Immediately after removing the corn from the grill, roll it in the green onion oil and serve. DELISH!

Guest Author Anne
Guest Author Anne

This is the second from a series of recipes I collected at a reunion party we had with our friends. Every year our old swim team group gets together and has a BBQ. Not only do we have great friends, but they always bring and make the best food and also stays back to help clean up.  I think my house was cleaner than it was before they arrived!

They made this corn either last year or the year before. I never got the recipe because I was too busy, but my husband loved it so much he raved about it for weeks. This year when Anne brought the corn I was so excited to be able to capture it so I can share it here with you all.

Thank you Anne!

Anne's South-East Street Grilled Corn by Dish Ditty Recipes
Anne’s South-East Street Grilled Corn


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