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Fried Tofu Cakes Recipe

So simple this really isn't a recipe, but just reminder of how easy and fast it is to cook tofu. Use our rub recipe or your own.

Quick Tofu & Cabbage Stir Fry Recipe

This is one of my go to recipes for filling out my weeknight meal. Perfect for low carb high veggie diets and super fast to make. I have lots of versions of Tofu and Cabbage together, this is by far the easiest Tofu & Cabbage recipe I have posted.

Fried Tofu Appetizer Recipe (Gluten Free)

This is a Chinese style, light batter Fried Tofu Appetizer Recipe that is Gluten Free. Light and delicious, it's a great start to any meal.

Pressed Tofu & Veggies Recipe

This recipe is less than 10 minutes from start to finish and is a great vegetarian meal as well as a secondary dish when serving Chinese stir fry.

Beef with Tofu

Try this Beef with Tofu Recipe and home for a healthy and delicious home cooked weeknight dinner.

Cold Tofu Snack Recipe

Ever need that high protein low carb snack but want something that's filling and tasty too?  This is the perfect dish for you.

Chinese Greens & Tofu Recipe

This savory combination of Chinese greens and five spice tofu is Chinese homestyle cooking at it's best.

Five Spice Pork with Tofu Recipe

This is a family style Chinese dish that is rarely seen in Chinese Restaurants. It's a combination of tofu, pork, green onions, peppers and five spice seasoning. High in protein and anti-oxidants, this dish is a healthy dinner choice.

Vegetable & Chicken Soup Recipe

There are so many ways to make soup, and this is just one more soup recipe you can add to your collection. Low in fat, high in flavor, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, this is a great one pot dinner.

Chinese Pork with Silken Tofu Recipe

Pork with five-spice seasonings and silken tofu is saucy, savory, and will melt in your mouth.