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Smoked Beef Short Ribs Recipe (Korean Kalbi Style)

One of my son's favorite things to order when we are out is Korean Short Ribs, Kalbi. When my husband and I saw the ribs at Costco, we couldn't resist. So here's my smoked version of this traditional Korean dish.

Santa Maria Smoked Chicken Recipe

This is the last of my Santa Maria recipes. This spice mixture really does work for everything, and is especially amazing with this Santa Maria Smoked Chicken Recipe.

Tri-Tip Seasoned Hamburgers Recipe

Simple? Yes. But these hamburgers are so delicious and are so much better than frozen patties.

Santa Maria Smoked Pork Chops Recipe

Amazing use of Santa Maria spices, these Smoked Pork Chops are full of flavor and just a bit spicy. Santa Maria is no longer just a tri-tip spice.

Santa Maria Smoked Pork Chops Recipe

If you are looking for an easy pork chop recipe where the pork chops are a little spicy, super flavorful, and tender like chicken, this Santa Maria Smoked Pork Chops is the recipe to try.

Santa Maria Ribs Recipe

These ribs are a bit spicy and just slightly sweet. Wow, those Santa Maria spices are perfect on Pork.

Smoked Whole Chicken Recipe

Don't rotisserie your chicken... smoke it! This Smoked Whole Chicken Recipe is the bomb and takes just minutes to prep for the smoker.

Smoked BBQ Pork Chops Recipe

The best things in life can be really simple, as with these Smoked BBQ Pork Chops. These pork chops are so moist and full of flavor. YUM!

Smoked Chicken Breasts Recipe

This chicken is so moist and tasty, you will want to make a huge batch because just one batch won't be enough.

Santa Maria Tri Tip Recipe

Tender, smokey and spicy, this tri tip comes from Santa Maria California and is probably the best tri-tip you can find. If traveling through Santa Maria, be sure to plan a stop to try this regional favorite. But making this at home is even better.